Aircraft Refuelling

Client Overview

Aircraft refuelling is a critical and potentially hazardous process that requires utmost attention to safety. The client, an aviation company, faced challenges in efficiently training their personnel on safe aircraft refuelling practices. While they had a skilled workforce, they lacked practical training and struggled with identifying potential safety hazards.


The aviation client encountered several challenges in their refuelling training program, including:

  • Limited practical training: The refuelling safety training was predominantly theory or computer-based, lacking hands-on practical experience.

  • Inadequate practical knowledge: Despite having theoretical knowledge, the crew had little to no practical exposure to handling airport equipment and aircraft.

  • Safety hazard recognition: Trained personnel struggled to identify potential safety hazards in real-life situations, even after receiving safety training.

  • Potential financial losses: Mishandling of equipment or aircraft could result in costly repairs, leading to financial setbacks for the company.

  • Health and safety risks: Inadequate training posed risks to the physical and mental well-being of workers, as well as to public safety.

  • Performance and efficiency issues: Poorly trained personnel affected performance, leading to delayed flights and disruptions in air traffic worldwide.


Aircraft Refuelling, with support from Velkro Innovation, implemented pragmatic AR solutions by offering the following:

  • Custom White Label Solution: Developed AR-ready apps that were customized and branded for businesses, providing them with a ready-to-use platform.

  • End-to-End Development: Supported AR implementation on all platforms, ensuring compatibility and accessibility across devices.

  • Content Customization: Adapted AR experiences to align with the unique branding and objectives of each client.


To address these challenges, Rwizen's engineers collaborated to develop a Virtual Reality (VR) based training solution for aircraft refuelling. The solution involved the following key steps:

  • Development of a VR-based training program: Rwizen leveraged immersive VR technology to bridge the gap between theoretical learning and practical experience.

  • Accessibility and flexibility: VR training modules were made available in classrooms, airports, and even at workers' homes, enabling convenient and widespread access to refuelling training.

  • Comprehensive safety education: The VR tool provided step-by-step guidance on handling fuel and equipment, practicing safe techniques, and taking essential precautions to ensure maximum safety and prevent accidents.

  • Time and resource savings: The VR-based training program significantly reduced training time and expenses while ensuring effective knowledge transfer to multiple participants.


The implementation of Rwizen's VR-based training solution proved to be a highly effective method for educating personnel on proper aircraft refuelling procedures. Analytical findings demonstrated that VR training outperformed both theoretical and computer-based methods. By enabling a realistic and immersive learning experience, the VR solution empowered workers to perform better and enhanced overall safety standards.

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